Poodoos are people, too!

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: November 5, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

As kids in Kaplan, one of the worst things you could have been was “a big poodoo.” I thought that poodoo was universally known and continued using it when I moved here to California. To my surprise, nobody knew what I was talking about so I told them this… Many... more

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Quack Quack

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 25, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

If I learned anything while on my trip back to Louisiana, it’s that Cajuns are passionate about duck hunting. Why else would they wake up at 4:30am with a nasty hangover and just two hours of sleep to get dressed and head out to the duck blinds? I honestly didn’t... more

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Good Morning Acadiana!

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 20, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

It’s official — Maw-Maw and I are going to be on Good Morning Acadiana on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! We are going to promote RealCajunRecipes.comby doing a cooking segment on KATC’s morning show. I’m excited that its KATCbecause they are actually the one’s that coined the term “Acadiana.” I don’t think many people... more

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Learn Cajun French

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 20, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I’m extremely excited! I’ve been a bit down lately about not knowing how to speak my mother’s first language, Cajun French and last Tuesday, I decided to do something about it. For many years, I’d hear my mom speak French to her friends and accuse her of  “talking about us in... more

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RealCajunRecipes.com in the Kaplan Herald

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 6, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

RealCajunRecipes.com is featured in an article in this week’s edition of the Kaplan Herald. From what I can tell, we are even on the front page! The Herald is a really small newspaper publication but I grew up with it and I’m proud to be on it. This is actually the second the time... more

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Cajun Music

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 5, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

A post below spoke about how we grew up with Cajun music being a part of our musical repertoire as much as pop, country, r&b and so on. I’ve been listening to KBON.com lately (bon means good in Cajun french) and recently donated my quarterly share to pay for bandwidth fees.   Cajun music reminds... more

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Froggin’ and Huntin’

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: October 3, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

Although Northern Louisiana is called “Sportsman’s Paradise” we’ve got quite a paradise down in Cajun Country as well. One of my favorite past times as a kid was hunting with my step-dad. I’d bring my BB gun but I always left my 4-10 at home. It’s potential “kick” always scared... more

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Taste-temptin, two-steppin, toe-tappin good time

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 27, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Cajun Country. You really gain an appreciation for the unique culture found there when you leave for long periods of time. I spent most of my time in Kaplan and I just had a blast. Partying in Cajun Country is so different... more

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