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By : Chrissy LeMaire | 0 Comments | On : October 5, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

A post below spoke about how we grew up with Cajun music being a part of our musical repertoire as much as pop, country, r&b and so on. I’ve been listening to lately (bon means good in Cajun french) and recently donated my quarterly share to pay for bandwidth fees.
Cajun music reminds me of weekends spent Cajun dancing at Randol’s Seafood Resturant and Sundays spent waking up to the radio blaring KMDL’s weekly cajun radio program and my mom cooking up something great. That’s some of my fondest memories.. the smell that filled our house on Sunday mornings. My mom is such a great cook. I know everyone thinks that but my mom really is! 😉 My friends tell me so. One of her favorite past times is inviting people from Louisiana over to her house in Phoenix and cooking up a feast. I love you, momma!
I recently found another great site that has high-quality Cajun mp3s for download along with descriptions for each song. The creator of the site put lots of time into it. It literally rocks.
Oh wow, while searching the web for Cajun music, I came upon which is the website for a Cajun French band lead by a bilingual 18 year old woman, Anna Laura Edmiston. Seems that she was born in Lafayette in 1986 and her mother spoke only French to her as a child. The two other bandmates, Chris Stafford and Chris Segura also appear to be able to speak french fluently. Ahh I admit, I’m green with envy. I want to speak Cajun French fluently so bad it hurts. Their music is very enjoyable.. check it out.
After you listen to feufollet, go listen to some other good Cajun music: streaming or downloadable mp3s at


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