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Welcome to the new!

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: February 24, 2014 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


We first designed and developed twelve years ago, and poor thing, it’s looked the same ever since. Until today, the only thing that changed was the number of great Cajun recipes we have in our database (and we’re now up to about 1400!) An upgrade has been in the... more

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A Cajun Christmas

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: December 5, 2006 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


Christmas was always my favorite holiday, until I reached the drinking age and started enjoying Mardi Gras more But at Christmas, I loved eating all that Cajun food at gatherings for both sides of my family. My mom’s side made darn good candied yams and my dad’s side made great... more

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Portrait of a Cajun Family

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: February 10, 2006 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


I sometimes check the keywords that people use to find our site and I always laugh when I see people searching for “What does a Cajun family look like?” I imagine that they think that we wear torn knee-high jeans, carry fishing poles and wear gator-teeth necklaces. For those who... more

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Cajun English

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: February 5, 2006 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


I’ve often heard the term “Cajun French” but I can’t recall ever hearing the term “Cajun English” until I came across the PBS series “Do You Speak American?” Come to think about it, that’s a great way to explain how most Cajuns speak. I know from experience that a lot... more

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Making Gumbo in Southern California

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: January 1, 2006 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


Bonne Année (Happy New Year) everyone! Hope you had a safe and fun holiday season. Mine was really nice — I spent Christmas at my mom’s place in Phoenix and gorged on my favorite holiday dish, candied yams. I also found out that after 7 years of living in Phoenix, mom... more

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More from Holly Beach

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 26, 2005 | Category : Cajun Country Blog


This is so .. sad. I keep thinking, I’m glad I got good vacation in at Holly Beach in May. I hadn’t been there in about a decade and I felt it was overdue. Me and mom and my friends all piled up and drove there. We had a crawfish... more

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Holly Beach Aftermath

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 26, 2005 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I saw a few people found this blog while searching for information about Holly Beach after Rita. Sorry to report folks, Holly Beach is only foundations and sticks. T&T’s is gone. The Daquari Shop is gone. Every single thing. Here’s a before picture. Here is an after picture, courtsey of... more

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Goodbye Holly Beach

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 23, 2005 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

When I heard that Rita took a turn for Port Arthur, a lump filled my throat. I knew that Port Arthur was only a few miles away (26 to be exact) from my favorite party town, Holly Beach and that Holly Beach wouldn’t be around very much longer. While searching... more

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