Learn Cajun French

November 25, 2013

As a Cajun who is an avid fan of the Internet and does not speak Cajun French, I’ve looked around for a site to help me learn my parents’ native tongue. After an exhaustive search, I realized that such a feat cannot be accomplished online at this point. However! There are really great books available to help you learn. One of them has an accompanying CD which is great for listening at home, in your car or on your iPhone.

These books authored by Rev. Daigle are considered the authority on teaching yourself Cajun French. Amanda LaFleur’s Tonnerre mes chiens! is great follow-up book for learning Cajun figures of speech.

by Rev. Jules O. Daigle
Lafayette Native Rev. Daigle (1900-1998) spent thousands of hours compiling this book, true examples of his deep love and dedication to the Cajun culture and it’s people.

by Rev. Jules O. Daigle
Father Daigle himself narrates in English and pronounces in Cajun French the lessons from the book.

by Jules O. Daigle
Now in its seventh printing, the new revised edition is a must for every household of Cajun descent. It comprises a section of English to Cajun and one of Cajun to English.


by Amanda LaFleur
A glossary of Louisiana French figures of speech. Highly recommended by family friends of RealCajunRecipes.com
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