November 25, 2013

Me pose souvant de questions

Q. Why do some recipes use canned soup or other shortcuts? I’m Cajun and never use canned soup.

While not all Cajuns use canned soup, some do. We do try to provide a fresh alternative to recipes that use shortcuts, but we don’t always have them. If you’d like to share your old-fashioned Cajun recipes, we’d love to hear from you.

Q. Do I have to create an account to use your site?

No, not unless you want to submit a recipe, use the recipe box, or rate a recipe. You can also use your account to comment on the site, but we offer alternatives like Facebook and Google so that you don’t have to login.

Q. If I create an account using Facebook or Google, will it tell everybody what I’m doing?

Nope! If you comment on the site using Facebook, though, and don’t want it to post to your Timeline, uncheck the box that says “Also post on Facebook”. Google doesn’t have that option, so it may post to your Google wall or whatever it’s called.

Q. Most of these recipes don’t call for a cup of cayenne pepper. What gives?

While Cajuns have a reputation for eating super spicy food, most of us prefer a well-seasoned, only slightly spicy dish that gives a kick after the food’s been swallowed. But “spicy” may be relative; if you think ketchup is spicy, you’ll probably be sensitive to Cajun food. Overall, though, our food is generally well-seasoned, and not necessarily well-spiced.

Q. Cajun huh? Where y’all from?

We grew up in Vermilion Parish — specifically, Kaplan and Erath. Though Mawmaw still lives in Acadiana, Chrissy and Brandon have since moved away. You can read more about us here.

Q. What does “la cuisine de maw-maw” mean?

A. This phrase has more than one meaning. It can be translated as Grandma’s Kitchen or Grandma’s Cooking or A Cajun Grandma’s Style of Cooking.

Q. Anything about New Orleans?

Nuh-uh. NOLA is a beautiful, interesting place, but there are actually very few Cajuns there. New Orleans is not in Cajun Country and only 1% of its population claimed Cajun ethnicity in the 1990 US Census. Cajun Country, or Acadiana, consists of 22 parishes in Southwest Louisiana. Not even Baton Rouge makes the cut. The parish with the highest Cajun population, Vermilion Parish, has a 49% Cajun population.

Q. Do you have a mobile phone app?

A. Not yet, but it’s in the works. It will probably be a little while, but we hope to have apps for various mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone by 2015. In the meantime, our site uses a responsive design, and should show up nicely on your mobile devices.

Q. Do you have any recipe ebooks for my iPad or Kindle or whatever?

A. Not yet, but that’s in the works, too!

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