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Thanksgiving in Cajun Country

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: November 30, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I just returned from a 9-day vacation in Kaplan/Lafayette and I miss it already. There’s no Thanksgiving like a Thanksgiving spent at home in Acadiana, tee. So much good food shared with so many good friends.. I’m going to get a second home there one day!   Mom (Maw-Maw) and... more

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Poodoos are people, too!

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: November 5, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

As kids in Kaplan, one of the worst things you could have been was “a big poodoo.” I thought that poodoo was universally known and continued using it when I moved here to California. To my surprise, nobody knew what I was talking about so I told them this… Many... more

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