Taste-temptin, two-steppin, toe-tappin good time

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 27, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Cajun Country. You really gain an appreciation for the unique culture found there when you leave for long periods of time. I spent most of my time in Kaplan and I just had a blast. Partying in Cajun Country is so different... more

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A Displaced Cajun finds authentic Cajun Food in Southern California

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 25, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

I moved to Southern California in 1997 and over the years I’ve searched high and low for food that tasted like home. I’ll be honest, I was naive I didn’t know that Cajun food was “ethnic.” I thought everyone around America ate rice and gravy for supper 3 times a... more

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Cajun vs. Creole

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 21, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

After hearing me talk for a while, people often catch my mild accent. They usually ask where I’m from and sometimes they guess. The strangest guesses I’ve gotten are Australia, Canada, Germany and Boston. Nope, none of those!   I always tell people I’m from South Louisiana making sure to put an... more

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Growing up with Gaston

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: September 16, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

When I was growing up in the early 80’s, one of my favorite gifts was a book called “A Cajun Night Before Christmas” by James Rice. If I recall correctly, the story starred an alligator named Gaston which was our version of Rudolph. The book was written in ol’ Cajun... more

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Misconceptions about Cajun Culture

By: Chrissy LeMaire | On: March 5, 2004 | Category : Cajun Country Blog

Sorry, long time no blog. I’ve been super busy with work. I wanted to post about all the recipes we made for Christmas but never got around to it. I also wanted to post about how each year my mom sends all her kids a King Cake for Mardi gras... more

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