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  • lots of great recipes
    - mike
  • Having grown up in South Louisiana, I really appreciate a site that does the Cajun Heritage Justice! Lovin' all the recipes and hope to be submitting some of my own soon! Congratulations!
    - Annette Scheufens, Crowley, LA
  • I just heard about this site- great work! My children love to learn about the Cajun Heritage and will love bringing this site up at school.
    - Glenn Duhon, Jr., College Station, TX
  • This is a great resource. My brother sent it to me and I can't wait to share it with otheres.
    - Kay, Baton Rouge
  • Great site This site will help keep cajun food and the cajun way of life alive for others to learn from. Thinks I will be shareing some recipes also.
    - George Godso, Baton Rouge LA
  • I am very proud of both of you! Great site. A proud former teacher!
    - KK Herpin, Kaplan, LA
  • After enjoying the food of La. many times, I am always looking for new recipes. This is a great site. Keep up the good work.
    - Cathi Pfeifer, Bloomington, Mn
  • Hey Chrissy, Good job on the website. Thanks for putting my Short Gumbo on the site.(For those who wanna know what I'm talking about in the search put in Bennetts Short Gumbo, its an awsome recipe if I may say so myself.) Anyway hope to be with you and Colby for the trip. Love always, Bennett
    - Bennett Lemaire, Abbeville
  • My husband and I now live in San Antonio,Texas. Thank you for providing us with recipes we can no longer call up Grandma for!...........Gibson and Deborah Abshire
    - deborah abshire, Kaplan,La.
  • Looking good, Keep up the work. Daphne and I well submit after the holidays
    - Uncle Buff, Kaplan
  • Great site. About time. Keep up the good work. "Lache Pas La Patat" H. C. "Papa" Meaux
    - H. C. Meaux, Jr., Kaplan
  • Read about your site in the Kaplan Herald and thought I would check it out. Good Job! I am originally from Kaplan, live in Lafayette now. I am sharing the site with friends. Good Luck. Preserving true Cajun Cooking is a great goal to have. Merci Beaucoup!
    - Anna Landry Meaux, Lafayette
  • Good job Chris. Will be adding one of my recipes soon.
    - Janelle LeMaire, Kaplan
  • Another Good site by Cajuns. Great Job!
    - Jerry, Kaplan La.
  • Hey, don't know if you remember me from school. I am closer in age to Chad. I saw the article in the kaplan herald today and decided to check it out. I am so glad that i did because my grandma taught me everything i know about cajun cooking, but she left me too soon to teach me everything. There was still a few things that i didn't have a chance to learn before she died. Now after searching through all her old recipe books not having any luck alot of my questions have been answered. Your site is great cause it is our way of doing it! Good luck! And Thanks!Tell your mom i said hi!
    - Chelsey Bonin Fulkerson, Kaplan, La.

  • tastes great! thanks
    - T. Landry, lafayette
  • hey thankx ur site really helped mme oput with a project i had to do ....YHANX a bunch
    - Dionne, New Orleans
  • I really love that crawfish pink stuff!!! I think it's called etouffee. It is soooo yummy!
    - AMacLaughlin, Boston, MA
  • Love this ite.Like having my grandmaw back again!
    - Deborah Choate Ramsey, Lafayette/Rayne
  • Happy Thanksgiving Christy! I sure have enjoyed yall website since im up here in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. I will send in my recipes soon. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the great recipes. Your friend, Vickie Lege
    - Vickie Lege, originally Abbeville, La.
  • Yo Chrissy !! Love the site, love the recipes. Great job. Keep up the good work.
    - Alice, San Diego, CA
  • Christina, I love your website. It is great!
    - Carmen Cook, Columbia, LA
  • The website is great, Chrissy. I just printed some recipes to try out. I'll try to submit of my own later. Keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving!
    - Ricki Parker, Kaplan, LA
  • I love this site! I come here to figure out what to cook for dinner every week. Keep the recipes comin'
    - B. Richard, Houston, TX
  • You're too cool! ;)
    - Dave, MD
  • great site
    - big tee, Cow Island
  • Thanks for the great website! My mom and I are repeat visitors. I look forward to more holiday recipes :)
    - J. Herpin, Ktown, Louisiana
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