Angie’s Cornbread Dressing

  • Yield : 8
  • Servings : 8
  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 2:30 h
  • Ready In : 3:0 h
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This is a different slant on the traditional cornbread dressing/stuffing that I “invented” over 25 years ago. It could easily be a meal in itself and is my yearly contribution to the family Christmas dinner.


  • 1/2 pound chicken livers optional
  • 1/2 pound lean ground beef
  • 1/2 pound pork steak
  • 1/2 pound butter
  • 3 or 4 chopped onions
  • 5 stalks celery chopped (optional)
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 can chicken broth 10 oz
  • 1 can onion soup
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onions
  • Tony Chachere’s seasoning to taste
  • 2 boxes Jiffy cornbread mix, prepared according to directions


Step 1

In a Dutch oven, fry meat in margarine until brown. Chop browned pork steaks in small cubes, remove bones.

Step 2

Smash livers (or run them through the food processor). Return meat to pot.

Step 3

Add onions, onion tops, celery, and garlic.

Step 4

Sauté 5 minutes, add chicken broth and soup, Worcestershire, and season to taste. Bring to boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 2 hours.

Step 5

(At this point I freeze half, as I usually make a double recipe).

Step 6

Mix in 4 cups cornbread. Bring seasoning up to taste. If mixture is too soupy, put in oven at 350 until desired consistency is reached.

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