Frances’ Easy Bread ‘n Butter Pickles


Sweet and sour, but mostly sweet.


  • 1 gallon jar Classic Kosher Whole Dill Pickles
  • 5 - 6 cups sugar
  • 6 cloves of garlic, sliced


Step 1

Drain all of the juice in the gallon jar of pickes. Discard.

Step 2

Slice the whole pickles into 1/4 inch coins.

Step 3

Return the pickles to the jar in the following manner; for every 2 to 3 inch layer of pickles, add 1/2 cup sugar making sure to evenly distribute the sugar over the pickles. Add the garlic and continue layering.

Step 4

Seal and start to enjoy two weeks later.

Note: there is no juice added to the pickles. The sugar added draws liquid out of the pickles, which in turn will dilute the sugar and make its own pickling juice.

A nice savings with a little effort and sugar can be calculated here. A large gallon jar (8 pints) of pickles cost three dollars; a small pint jar of sweet pickles is $1.75.

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