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Recipes by Donald J. Delcambre

Shrimp Etouffee

Delcambres’ Shrimp Etouffée (Etoufée)

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This Cajun made from scratch Etoufée has no soup and is the made up of a mixture of various etoufée versions compiled from Delcambre’s family members. Maw-Maw thinks this is one of best tasting etouffee. Donald, our cook for this one tells us “This is a Cajun etoufée made up ...

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Tuna Crab Salad

Dakota’s Crab, Tuna & Egg Salad

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Most Cajuns follow the tradition of not eating meat on Friday during the Lenten season. This recipe would be great for Lent. Donald writes, “Dakota is the great-grandson of Isadore Delcambre, This is 8 yr-old Dakota’s, 1st easy to make lunch recipe. This salad should be served on your favorite ...

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