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Recipes by Mawmaw Romero

Lerline’s Cornbread (For Dressing or Figs)

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...ats there quite a bit. This cornbread recipe was handed down from the owner’s grandmother, Amedia Meaux, to her mother Lerline Meaux. This recipe is great for making cornbread dressing, eating with cracklings, syrup or MawMaw’s favorite, cornbread, milk and fig preserves. But Mawmaw is from the old school too. ...

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Pork Ribs with Turnips

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Pork and turnips are a very popular combination in Cajun culture. In fact, turnips work very well with beef, wild game and chicken. It is so low-carb friendly, you could have it every day. Ingredients 3 lbs lean pork short ribs 6 cups peeled and sliced turnips 1/2 large onion, ...

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