Pear Pineapple Jam (Pear Honey)


This dish works great as a side with your Thanksgiving, Christmas and family gatherings. Great on biscuits or give as holiday gifts.


  • 2 quarts ground ripe pears
  • 2 quarts sugar
  • 1 big can 20 oz pineapple ( 2 cups drained)


Step 1

Using ripe pears, peel and core the pears. Use an old-type meat grinder or food processor and grind the pears.

Step 2

Using a two quart bowl measure, combine one two quart bowl of ground pears and one two quart of granulated sugar.

Step 3

Over medium heat and stirring frequently, cook until clear (mixture will have a honey color).

Step 4

Add one large 16 ounce (well drained) can pineapple and cook one half hour longer. Ladle into hot sterile jars, seal and cover.

Step 5

Process in a ten minute water bath.


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