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Sharing our Recipes

We *love* when people share our recipes. So much so that Maw-Maw will often call me to say “Did you see how many Pinterest pins we got?” or “Our Facebook shares for the tarts are at 32 and it’s only been two hours!”

If you do wish to share the recipes or photos found on our site on your webpage, Facebook Group or Message Board, we simply ask that you cite the source by providing a link back to our website. Or, if HTML tags are not allowed, then just say “This recipe/photo came from”. Note that if you share the recipe web address on Facebook and it makes that pretty box, this counts as linking back to our site.

This counts!

Since 2002, we have spent literally thousands of hours gathering and uploading recipes and photos, programming the site, and doing everything we can to let people around the world know what Cajun cooking is all about. The more people know about what we really eat, including some Noveau Cajun dishes, the better. So share away! Please just cite your source when doing so.

There are many ways to link back to a website (sometimes it’s a visual little link where you click, then fill out a form), but here’s a basic example: <a href=>This recipe came from</a> or <a href=>I love seafood cornbread dressing!</a>

Merci beaucoup, y’all,
Chrissy (Brandon & Ruby, too!)

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